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SA20 Commentary Panel – Full List of Commentators, Representatives of SA20 League 2023

We feel honored to announce the list of SA20 Commentary Panel as first season of South Africa T20 is going to kick-off in South Africa from January 10 to 11 February. Cricket South Africa is organizing this grand tournament that will last for a month in which 6 different cricket franchises are participating. The grand final of this event will be played on 11 February 2023. The inaugural match of this tournament will be played between MI Cape Town and Paarl Royals on 10 January 2023 at the Newlands Cricket Stadium , Cape Town.

The representatives will conduct interviews of famous players as well as fans existing in the ground to watch the matches in the stadiums. During toss, representatives will also help the umpires by taking views of both the team captains. After the end of each match, post presentation of the match will also be conducted by different representatives. Prize ceremony of each match like man of the match will also be called on stage by them. During matches, views of different fans as well as players are recorded by the different representatives of the SA20 match.

Among them, different commentary panels  will also make the matches more exciting by giving their different views according to the current situation of every match. The views and comments of commentators will make the match more enjoyable.

SA20 commentators List 2023:

A panel of 16 illustrious commentators from the different parts of the word has been pointed to enhance the viewers experience remarkably. Various South African’s players including AB de Villiers, Mark Boucher, Herschelle Gibbs, Chris Morris, Ashwell Prince , Vernon Philander and Shaun Pollock are also part of the commentary panel and will give their services as commentators in the different Matches of SA20 2023.

AB de Villiers Commentary in SA20:

AB de Villiers is making the debut in commentary as he is going to be a part of commentary panel for the first time ever officially. So, AB de Villiers will be a part of legendary commentary panel as the fans can see him in the commentary box.

England Commentators in SA20:

Along with them many foreign players from different countries like Kiven Pietersen, Darren Gough and Mark Nicholus from England, Pommie Mbangwa from Zimbabwe, Darren Sammy from West Indies and Mike Haysman from Australia will join the as commentators in this grand tournament.

Female Commentators in SA20:

Some female commentators from various countries will also be part of the commentary panel of SA20 2023.These are Ex Pakistani’s female cricket team captain Urooj Mumtaz and Kais Naido from the Indian female Cricket team.

Urooj Mumtaz and Zainab Abbas from Pakistan will be the Presenters in this SA20 2023.

Commentary Panel:

AB de Villiers, Herschelle Gibbs, Kevin Pietersen, Kass Naidoo, Urooj Mumtaz, Zainab Abbas, Mark Nicholas, Darren Gough, Pommie Mbangwa, Darren Sammy, Shaun Pollock, Vernon Philander, Chris Morris, Ashwell Prince, Mike Haysman and Mark Boucher


Who will be the commentators in the inaugural match of SA20 2023?

Different commentators including Herchelle Gibbs , Mark Boucher , Chris Morris and Ashwell Prince will be the commentators in the inaugural match  of SA20 2023 that will be played between MI Cape Town and Paarl Royals on 10 January 2023 at Newlands cricket stadium Cape Town. 

Who is going to be the representatives of SA20 2023?

Two Pakistanis women , Urooj Mumtaz , a former Pakistani  captain and Zainab Abbas will be the representatives of SA20, 2023.

Who will be  in the commentary panel in the final of SA20 2023?

In the final match of SA20 2023 that will be played on 11 February 2023 between top 2  undefeated teams , AB de Villiers, Shaun Pollock, Darren Sammy , Pommie Mbangwa and and Kiven Pietersen will give their services as commentators.

How many foreign commentators are part of the commentary panel of SA20 2023?

There are 8 foreign commentators from different countries as Darren Sammy from West Indies, Zainab Abbas, Urooj Mumtaz from Pakistan , Ashwell prince, kevin peiterson from England ,Pommie Mbangwa from Zimbabwe ,Kass Nado from India and Mike Haysman from Australia are part of commentary panel in SA20 League 2023.

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