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SA20 Points Table 2024 – Team Standings [UPDATED]

SA20 Points Table: SA Twenty 20 is a cricket league helding in South Africa from 10 January to 10 February 2024 6 different cricket franchises will compete together to win the title of SA20. Totally 33 matches will be played between 6 teams in which first 30 competitions are group matches while 4 teams will make their presence in the play off stage by winning maximum numbers of matches.

In the inaugural match of SA 20 Sunrisers Eastern Cape will take on Joburg Super Kings on 10 January 2024 in St George’s Park. In remaining matches 6 cricket franchises that includes Joburg super kings, MI Cape town, Paarl Royals, Pretoria Capitals , Durban’ s Super Gaints and Sunrisers Eastern Cape will play their matches.

In group stage matches each team will play 2 matches with remaining other 5 teams and hence every team will play 10 matches in group competition level. This tournament will provide a precious opportunity to South African cricket to highlight their local talent at higher levels.

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The Iconic trophy that will be presented to the title winner team of SA 20 2024 will be contested by 6 different clubs. The tournament will come to a close with the championship game between the 2 teams who have reached in final after competing in play offs.

SA20 Points Table

You can see the most recent update of SA 20 2024  points table here:

The current up to date points table will be available here after the end of every match.

MI Cape Town31201.4695
Pretoria Capitals2020-0.9250
Durban Super Giants31001.46913
Paarl Royals33001.54013
Sunrisers Eastern Cape3111-0.7756
Joburg Super Kings4321-3.2052
  • Points – Win 4, No result – 2, Loss – 0.
  • Bonus points – 1 additional point for win with run rate difference of 1.25 times
  • There will be two strategic time-outs of 2:30 mts allowed in each innings
  • Powerplay overs – 6
  • In the event of teams finishing on equal points, the right to progress through to the final and those to play in the play-off will be determined as follows:
  • the team with the most number of wins;
  • If still equal, the team with the highest number of bonus points;
  • If still equal, the team with the highest net run rate;
  • If still equal, the team with the most number of wins over the other team(s) who are equal on points and have the same number of wins;
  • If still equal, the team with the highest runs to wickets ratio throughout the tournament;
  • If still equal, the team with the highest wickets to runs ratio throughout the tournament.

SA20 2024: Points Table Glossary

  • M: The number of matches played
  • W: the number of matches won
  • L: the number of matches lost.
  • T: the number of matches tied
  • N/R: the number of games abandoned
  • PT: number of points awarded
  • NRR: Net Run Rate

Team Ranking Rules

The sequence in which teams finished their group stage matches will be determined on the basis of following rules:

  • When a group stage is over, the team with the most points will be at the top.
  • If teams score equal points in the group stage, the higher run rate team will be elevated.
  • In the case of equal points and run rate for a team in the points table of the group stage, the team with the highest number of wins will finish higher in the SA20 standings. 
  • If the criteria mentioned above are equal, the lowest number of losses will finish higher in the SA 20 points table.
  • If all factors remain equal, the head-to-head match will decide the team’s position in the South African T20 League points table.

SA20 Play offs.

The team that will be at the top of SA 20 Points table will take on the team that finish at the second place in the qualifier round.In the second eliminator match the team in the last last place of qualifying round will play with the victor of first round of elimination, The winner of qualifying stage will take on the winner of second elimination game in championship round.

In the case of a draw match the game will go to the super over to decide the victor. If the result of the super over match is still tied , the team on the superior position in SA 20 2024 points table will be decided as the victorious team.

How many  matches will be played in SA20 2024?

33 matches will be played in SA20 2024. Each team will play 2 matches with other 5 teams.

How many matches will a single team play in the group stage?

10 matches: Each team will play 2 matches with other five teams in the playoffs.

How many teams will qualify for play off in SA 20 2024?

Top 4 teams will be qualify for the playoffs.

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